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All the essentials you need to get your business online and looking great!

Includes home page, contact page, a dynamic blog, two custom pages, seo optimization, and social media optimization


money is in the list

If you want a successful presence you need email marketing. Build your list with a great looking site and watch your business grow.

Includes the previous package with send in blue implementation including an email capture form, and list database.


A complete package

A great site that’s easy to use and update,

An email funnel that builds you a powerful list.

An initial marketing campaign that will get your business off the ground. (includes a social media marketing push).


every website includes


Monitor traffic patterns to better develop marketing strategies with the data you collect.

SSL certificate

ssl certificates are necessary in today's internet. The encryption adds security andis also favored by googles web crawlers.

Dynamic blog feature

Blog content not only provides your visitors with useful knowledge about your industry, and solidifies your expertise, but is also crucial for google visibility.

Amazingly responsive

Looks great on any device. over half your costumers are finding you on their phones. Make sure you have a site that looks great on the phone.

Contact Forms

Secured with captcha security, your contact forms will allow only legitimate visitors to reach you, not robot spammers.

Easy backend interface

An easy to use interface, that allows you full control over your website. It's simple design allows you to make changes yourself, saving you money.

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