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How to build an effective online presence

There are huge opportunities even for small businesses when it comes to building and maintaining a strong online presence. Today’s businesses are now being done online.

According to Statista, almost 2 billion people are already purchasing goods and services online. That does not even include the vast amount of online leads that often result in offline purchases. Let these sink in;

  • Google now averages close to 7 billion searches per day;
  • Over 2 billion people use Facebook every day, and
  •  More than 4 billion of the world’s population is already online!

Source: Internet Live Stats

The cyberspace keeps on growing and you can’t afford to leave this to your competitors. If your business’s marketing is still mainly offline, it’s high time you have a rethink.

Why Your Business Needs A Strong Online Presence

Establishing a strong presence online often involves several different strategies. While this may seem overwhelming, putting in the time and effort will be more than worth it in the long run. The major benefits include;

  • Increased visibility for your business so you can be found easily by many of your customers and potential customers who are already online.
  • Wider reach and accessibility of your business to a wide audience
  • Easy opportunity for engagement with your customers as well as with potential customers. This is important for building and nurturing relationships as well as for lead generation and conversion.
  • Brand credibility can also be improved with a strong online presence. Many customers would prefer to conduct diligent research before buying a product or service today. This may include reading online reviews, checking out business websites or social media.
  • Improved customer experience – your business website is like an extension of your business. Along with a social media presence, it makes your business easily accessible to customers and potential customers who may have inquiries and issues that need urgent attention, and
  • Greater returns on your marketing investment because this is highly cost-effective compared to most forms of conventional (offline) means of marketing.

Building/Maintaining an Online Presence: Cost & Time Investment

Building a strong online presence is not a one-off thing.It is a continuous process and so it requires a great deal of time and effort. Most small business owners don’t have this time or the required skill and expertise. Setting up an in-house marketing team is also not reasonable since most small businesses often have to make do with limited financial resources.

Outsourcing your business’s web design digital marketing needs to a reliable and experienced agency is by far the more reasonable choice. However, this can come at a price;

On average, you can expect;

  • Website design can cost anything from $1000 upwards
  • SEO can cost anything from $750 or more on a monthly basis
  • Social media marketing can cost from $250 for monthly retainers
  • Email marketing can cost from as low $300 upwards per month
  • PPC Advertising can also take about 5% to 20% of your monthly ad budget

The amount it will cost your business will pay off in the long run.

Online marketing is usually very cost-effective. Hiring an expert digital agency means you’ll have enough time to focus on your business and you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of these highly-skilled professionals.

What Should Small Businesses Expect from Building an Online Presence?

The good thing is that this is not exclusive to established businesses alone. However, it’s important to understand that maintaining an online presence goes beyond just building a website. While it’s very cost-effective, it should always be approached as a continuous process.

In most cases, you’ll need your business website, a strong social media presence and a variety of other active digital marketing strategies that could include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, PPC advertising, etc. Small businesses can adopt local SEO strategies to attract customers in their locality which are usually the major audience for their business.

Combining all of these strategies effectively will help you build solid online visibility for your business. And since most of your customers are probably already online, you can expect your online presence to translate into more leads generation, better sales conversion as well as increased revenue and profits. 

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Ryan Dionne

Ryan Dionne

Ryan Dionne is the founder of Rising Tides. Rising Tides was established to help people transition from previously employed to self employed, successful business owners by developing them a strong web presence. Ryan has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, and has studied both web development and business in post-secondary.

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