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Are you just paying your website to look good?

Let’s be honest. Anybody today can build a decent website. There is no shortage to free or very inexpensive website builders can you can use to develop a beautiful site to show the world, and with so many new and interesting features you can even make it interesting. This is fun and can be very useful if your site is for personal use, but a website used for business should not just look good and be interesting. It should work for you.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that, like a hired worker, your website should be working to benefit your bottom line. When people enter your store, you want them to leave with a purchase. If everybody just came to your store to look at the nice furniture and modern paint job, and then left without buying anything, it wouldn’t take long before you go broke…


How does your website increase your bottom line?


By taking a strategic approach to organizing your website which addresses the questions your target market is asking-

“How will you solve my problem”…


Most websites today (and there are a lot of them), do not even think about the target market. There are some absolutely brilliant  and gorgeous displays all about how awesome they are, with some flashy animations on the about us page, and a beautiful contact us page… but they often  fail to really address the visitor, and to answer that one important question that the visitors want to know.. How are you going to solve my problem.


Strategic websites address this problem. They are focused on that one perfect costumer, and are made to answer those questions specifically.


Once they are confidant that you can provide for what the need, your call to action can be a simple request to join your email list. Once joined, you can continue to reach out with a targeted email marketing campaign, and build on the relationship until they see you as a trusted adviser. 


In short, the goal of a strategic website is

1) Build it to answer the big problem your target costumer has.

2)Design it so its an easy journey for the costumer

3)Your call to action should provide actionable value for the costumer

and obtain a contact email.


A mediocre website that is tailored to your target costumer and converts 20- 40% of visitors into email relationships would make me much more happy than a beautifully crafted and fancy website that people admire, but doesn’t convert..

Which would you prefer?



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Ryan Dionne

Ryan Dionne

Ryan Dionne is the founder of Rising Tides. Rising Tides was established to help people transition from previously employed to self employed, successful business owners by developing them a strong web presence. Ryan has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, and has studied both web development and business in post-secondary.

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"Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value"

Albert Einstein

"If you can dream it you can do it"

Walt Disney

"There is nothing impossible to those who will try"

Alexander the Great
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